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15. Orgyasssen   (14.03.2015 20:20)

14. Coctail Dresses   (05.10.2013 16:33)
beautiful and nice site, its informative and helpful, appreciated and keep it up

13. #geooiunnick[KPKGKKKKKKKR]   (02.10.2012 02:21)
it's ok

12. 159662 DvfSdCa   (25.05.2012 17:12) michael kors

11. Константин   (19.11.2011 20:01)
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10. DSLR-A900   (12.11.2011 15:58)
Thanks for the helpful post! I would not have gotten this otherwise!

9. Xaver und Xena   (14.04.2011 14:13)
Hopp, hopp, hopp der Osterhase,
hoppelt durch das grüne Gras,
mit dem Korbe auf dem Rücken,
bringt er mit List und Tücken,
schöne bunt bemalte Eier,
damit wir können Ostern feiern!
Wir wünschen euch allen
ein frohes Osterfest

8. Кристина [frvelikolepie08]   (23.01.2010 17:37)
Hello, Nikos
I am glad to see you! smile

7. Nikos   (20.01.2010 01:06)
hi from cyprus
I wish all the best for the breed in the future

conggratulations on all your winnings

6. World of Dogs   (05.11.2009 15:30)
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5. Питомник немецких овчарок "Осанна"   (05.11.2009 15:30)
Питомник немецких овчарок "Осанна".

Интересные статьи, покупка/продажа собак

4. Кристина [frvelikolepie08]   (30.04.2009 14:39)
Leah M I will be soviet to see you for itself on a site, call in guests! biggrin

3. Leah M [iFrenchie]   (30.04.2009 05:52)
After searching on the internet for my dogs parents and grandparents, I ended up on your site! My dog Stella's mother is Darya Vesely Apelsin. ANd she has the same exact family tree as Dalila Vesely Apelsin.

My dog's grandparents are Fireball Mak-Jordan and Avelina Cherchil Her great grandparents are Twin Lakes Gregor, Petit-Amour Genevien, Sebastyn Anri Monterei and Sanni-Evels.

I am so amazed! I'd love to send you pictures of my dog. She is AKC registered and I am looking at her certified pedigree as I write this, still amazed!

2. Кристина [frvelikolepie08]   (06.03.2009 20:54)
Welcome biggrin
Kirsten Hello
I am glad to see you! biggrin
You call in guests.

1. Kirsten   (05.03.2009 17:51)
by surfing visit your nice website and sweet Bulldogs.
Regards from Germany hello


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